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Absentia DX™
An Intelligent Algorithm that cleans voice recordings
The Absentia DX algorithm analyzes production dialog recordings and then removes obvious hums, wireless rings, and ticks, while maintaining the integrity of the human voice. ABDX was developed for a network television show with difficult production sound that resulted in substantial repetitive manual labor.

Simply drag and drop volumes, folders, or sound files directly onto the application or the settings window and files will begin processing. An Absentia DX progress window will appear, with the number of sound files queued, and a status bar of the files being simultaneously processed. ABDX sound files’ metadata and Sound File ID are identical to the original files except for the noises that have been removed. With identical metadata you can swap the original files with ABDX files or vice versa.

Price: $49 (note the 2 day trial version supports .WAV mono files shorter than 60 seconds only)
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher || Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and Server

** Your order is backed by Todd-AO's money back guarantee.

Having an expert to do dialog assemblies is challenging because most Assistant Sound Editors want to become Dialog Editors. Todd-AO™ now provides expert dialog assembly services based on your schedule, which we know from experience is now!
So you can get your dialog evaluation done and begin cutting.


Serving the Hollywood creative community since 1953, Todd-AO provides creative post production sound services to producers of film and television, including sound supervision, sound editorial, sound design, ADR, Foley and Re-recording/Mixing.
Todd-AO was founded in 1953 as a joint venture of Michael Todd and the American Optical Company for the purpose of developing and distributing a large format presentation system incorporating a wide, curved screen with multi-channel sound.
The goal was to develop "a motion picture system that would photograph action in very wide angle ... with one camera ... on one strip of film ... to be projected from a single machine ... on a very large screen ... with a quality so perfect that the audience will be part of the action, not just passive spectators."
Over the years, the company increasingly focused on providing sound services, becoming a full-service post production sound company, servicing the film and television markets.
As Todd-AO evolved into a post production sound company it eventually became home to a number of industry legends, earning hundreds of notable nominations and awards from the Film and TV industries, including 51 Academy Award Nominations, winning on 22 occasions; 112 Emmy Award Nominations, winning on 41 occasions; and many BAFTA and CAS Nominations and Awards.
Credits include features films and TV shows such as: Game of Thrones, Django Unchained, Mad Men, Inglourious Basterds, The Bourne Ultimatum, Nikita, CSI: Miami, Entourage, Dreamgirls, Babel, Crash, Collateral, Family Guy, CSI: NY, Kill Bill, Chicago, The Pacific, John Adams, Black Hawk Down, The Sopranos, Law & Order, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, L.A. Confidential, Evita, Apollo 13, Braveheart, and many more.
In November 2014 Todd-AO was acquired by, Inc.