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Todd-AO provides Audio Post for Shows and Feature Films. From Editorial to Sound Mixing, we take care of each step of the sound post process.
We are also the creators of Absentia DX post-production software.

Collaboration for Supervisors and Mixers

Todd-AO, your strategic partner for post-production sound projects. Whether you're a Supervising Sound Editor or Re-Recording Mixer, Todd-AO empowers you with as much control and autonomy as you wish, while we focus on budgeting to your specifications, facilitating, logistics, scheduling, payroll, accounts, library, and technical support.
Low Overhead, High Focus
At Todd-AO, streamlined operations mean low overhead costs, directing financial resources towards the quality on the screen. We're a lean, efficient partner, dedicated to precise and successful completion of your project.
Profitable Collaboration
We believe in shared success. We ensure you a more lucrative outcome at the end of a project by equally sharing net profits with you, 50/50.

Explore collaboration possibilities today with Todd-AO at 310-963-6177.


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Feature Film Credits
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Speech-to-Speech voice cloning is the technology and technique used to transplant one person's voice onto another person's speech or performance. It's like cloning Rocky Balboa's voice and applying it to The Terminator, saying, "I'll be back." Rocky is the voice model, and The Terminator is the voice input.
While there are numerous technologies available for voice cloning and speech-to-speech, what matters most is the selected technologies and techniques used with each unique voice model and input model. Models must be meticulously prepared and trained.
Building voice models and input models depends on what a production can legally provide. If it's not legal, we won't touch it.
We’re happy to do a free test to earn your trust in this new field.

A large and historic ADR Stage built for the Golden Years of Cinema.



900 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA, 90038
Stage 4 @ Deluxe Hollywood


+1 323 739 7626

Productions that have looped with us:

Stranger Things (Netflix), Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty (HBO), Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, The White Lotus (HBO), Free Guy, Turning Red, Better Call Saul (AMC), Euphoria (HBO), Nightmare Alley, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Marry Me, The Addams Family 2, Cyrano, The Harder They Fall, Bombshell, Promising Young Woman, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Booksmart, Antebellum, MA, Lucy in the Sky, NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), Divorce (HBO), Carnival Row (Amazon), Warrior (Cinemax), Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (NBC), Peppermint, Legion (FX), Umbrella Academy (Netflix), Man in the High Castle (Amazon), Empire (FOX), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix), Arrested Development (Netflix), Escape at Dannemora (Showtime), Frontier (Netflix/Discovery), The Boys (Amazon), The Expanse (Amazon), and more.

Mehrnaz Mohabati
ADR Mixer

With eight years of ADR Mixing experience, Mehrnaz Mohabati actively helps Actors attain their best performances. Notable Actors she has worked with include: Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, Christoph Waltz, and John Travolta. Directors Walter Hill on Dead for a Dollar (2022) and Sean Baker on Red Rocket (2021) have praised her natural flowing sessions. She also recorded ADR for Walt Disney Studio’s Black-ish, Grown-ish, and Mixed-ish.

Mehrnaz is an expert with large Loop Groups, a skill highly suited to ADR Stage 4’s immense size. She has shot Loop Group for The Professor and the Madman, and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. To top it all off, Mehrnaz is an excellent ADR Editor, capable of quickly cutting takes together for playback.

Contact Mehrnaz at any time to discuss your ADR needs.


with visual timecode
(720p or 1080p, H.264,
Apple ProRes or DNX)

Guide Tracks

Three .wav mono guide tracks
(Dialog, Music, and FX)

Cue Sheets

ADR cue-sheets (pdf)


Exhibit G or ACTRA
sign in sheets (pdf)
for the Actors

Sound Post Applications

The TODD-AO developing Team is

An Intelligent Algorithm that cleans voice recordings

Absentia DX

The Absentia DX algorithm analyzes production dialog recordings   
and then removes obvious hums, wireless rings, and ticks,
while maintaining the integrity of the human voice.

The Standalone App processes the whole Dailies folder at once.
Simply drag and drop volumes, folders, or sound files directly onto the application and files will begin processing.

The AAX plug-in allows Dialogue Editors and Mixers to make
more complex processing to single clips during editing/mixing.

Free 2 day trial 
(Supports .WAV mono files up to 60 seconds in Standalone application only)

Automated Backgrounds Placement

BG Builder

The BG Builder algorithm analyzes source files, exports a target EDL, and seamlessly re-conforms
the Backgrounds Super Session in Pro Tools for a new episode or reel.

Drop the source files into the app.
Click the Build button and let BG Builder do the work.
The matched BGs gets conformed in the Pro Tools super session.

Custom Software Development

Cicadas Reducer

Cicadas Reducer removed 65% of cicada noise on a feature film without touching dialog

Hum Remover EMI removed 85% of the noise on a series with animatronics that destroyed all actors' dialog

If you have a unique audio problem,
please contact our software development team for a custom solution


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(not the studio)

6300 Canoga Avenue, Suite 1500
Woodland Hills, California, USA, 91367
ATTN: Grobstein Teeple LLP

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