Todd-AO Mobile ADR Trailer

I worked on Bones (Fox) for 12 years in Los Angeles and worked with a local company's mobile trailer. The actor was in a tiny room and there was enormous amount of glass reflections. The re-recording mixer worked very hard to make the results satisfactory.

For most ADR at Bones we recorded in a makeshift ADR room that was 15' (L) by 8' (W) by 10' (H). The results were great, and EXP Stephen Nathan loved the performances and matches we got out of the room. So I sought out to re-recreate that magic in a trailer.

The Todd-AO Trailer is 15' (L) by 6' (W) by 7.5' (H). Soundproofed with state of the art light-weight technologies for acoustic treatment; ceramic anti-heat paint, sound deadening anti-vibration paints, closed cell acoustic insulation, aluminized mylar, mass loaded vinyl, and E-Core panels.

For equipment there is Focusrite Clarett 4Pre with your choice of microphones; CMIT-5, MKH-60, MKH-8050, 8040, U87, COS-11D, etc. The actor can choose from single can or stereo headphones, or the JBL 6328 in the room.

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