What convinced me to buy this product was the hum removal module.. I own other hi end products that can deal with Hum but Absentia DX was like this miracle drug that took care of the issue with literally a single click of the mouse...unbelievable time saver which let's me get back to the creative work of mixing and editing. Your price point is right on more software developers should follow your example and less cracks would probably exist as a result.


Cory Rizos, CAS
Re-Recording Mixer, Sound Designer. Supervising Sound Editor.

Absentia DX saves the day again! I had a scene in Ozark that I wanted to throw at Absentia DX yesterday just to see what it could do with very high frequency insects (cicadas and other insects from Atlanta). I used hum on strong and had BBR checked as well. It reduced the problem significantly and I was able to further work with it by applying additional notices and light CEDAR to the point where Nick thought it was a huge improvement.



Just had a really great save by abdx.
Been trying to notch and rx a loud fridge through a scene.
Taking forever and not even close to the result I just got from ABDX in 10 sec.

Kirby Jinnah
Supervising Sound Editor

Wow. HR strong does removes planes.
Nicely done.

Paul Hammond

Absentia DX by TODD-AO – This standalone software helped me on a TV show where I had to deal with really bad location audio. I used it to remove hum, broadband noise and ticks from the location tracks. Instead of having to go through each take manually, this software cleans them up automatically with batch processing. My workflow with ABDX is to first assemble my dialogue edit from the OMF with suitable takes and processing only those takes from the ‘Audio Files’ folder and later re-linking them. This software also retains the original meta-data of the recordings.

Film Sound Review
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